Back Porch Purpose:

Get Your Outdoor Space Set for Summer

An outdoor living space is a luxury, particularly as the weather grows warmer. Whether you have a tiny terrace in the city or a large outdoor living room at a country house, there are plenty of patio ideas to make your open-air space the best it can be. When creating your deck design, it’s important to choose materials and patio furniture that can withstand the climate in your area and fit with the surrounding environment. 


Our ultimate aim was to make the outside space in the back feel like an extension of the interior of our house, so we needed to add functional comforts– like chairs and outdoor tables.  Even better, lights came in white, therefore they were appealing and non-obtrusive looking– throughout the day time.


Such a small place in the back of your house can create so much enjoyment for you and your family. This will take gatherings to the next level you have been seeking.

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