Green Christmas House Decorations

Didn’t have enough time to go to a farm and cut a tree season? Instead,  choose a beautiful noble spruce from your local store.

I like to make many elements as possible for a base for our decoration, like all kinds of green pieces.  For variety and fullness and I like to start with fresh vegetation. 

I use green crowns to hang in the curved openings of our historic-style house.

In our dining room, I brought the small stand and dresser with this mini Christmas tree that I got. I love Christmas decorations. And this tree was super easy! I added some ornaments and garlands just to spice it up a bit.

I added two of these mixed green vegetation crowns to the front walls for a consistent look (and lots of vegetation!)). Leave me comments as you shop for vegetation with a mix of evergreen tree species. I’d like to know what everyone finds! 

I am completely in love this season and appreciate all your feedback!

Author: admin